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With over 130 flavored coffees, it's no wonder people love our selection!
Our Herbal Teas Enhance Your Spirit
Not only are our herbal teas natural, but they help to balance you.
Our Organic Coffees are Amazing
Not only are our Organic Coffees Fair Trade, but Simply organic.
Our Loose Leaf Teas are Wonderful.
Tasty, Enjoyable, Invigorating Tea.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans.
How delectable and tempting?

Our Gourmet Coffee Shop

Barista Coffees gourmet coffee is not your typical Starbuck’s or Dunkin Donuts shop. The products we provide shop stand above the fray and are the highest quality and value. Our coffee is just as good, if not better than our competition. What they can’t say is that their “high quality” isn’t the best, although we can prove it. Whether you are in the mood for Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, a Tour of the World Blend, or are more into herbal tisanes, our shop covers it all.

We believe in quality and affordable prices. We also don’t believe in hassling you. What we want you to know is that we value our customers and continue to showcase products that are great tasting and pleasing to you. Gourmet coffee is wonderful and we’ve seen the creations that people make when they have product that elevates them to new thinking and becoming more creative.

Taste Matters

Our gourmet teas are a wonder in themselves, because they are all natural and the taste is phenomenal. No matter if it’s an herbal tisane, a flavored tea, green or black, it really doesn’t matter. You can see and taste quality. Supporting your health and enhancing your being is what matters.

What do you think of when thinking of a wonderful Italian Roast or Costa Rica Reserve?  I bet, the first thing that comes to mind is rich, full bodied coffees like our Jamaican Blue Mountain Reserve or our White Tea that is specially imported from China. Our coffees and teas are of highest quality and taste. Not to mention, value. We aren’t overcharging you like those other guys. Take a look at our selection. Just remember. It’s the taste that matters, not the Hype.