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Barista Coffees is Under Maintenance

Barista Coffees is Under Maintenance and we want to provide you with the best coffees and teas from around the world at our coffee shop. It doesn’t matter what kind you are looking for. We have it. For the connoisseur, we have what you want. We have about 200 different varieties of gourmet and flavored coffees, as well as around 100 different varieties of teas. But, we are adding over 100 more products including teas, coffees, smoothies, sauces and flavors at our coffee shop. We said we wanted to be the coffee shop that can suit your needs and we are following through with it.

The selection and the look are changing. Bear with us as we streamline the site and make it more pleasing at Barista Coffees.

Our selection is wide enough in order to please any palette. Our question to you is….”What kind would you like and how much of it?”

So, soon, the site will be back up soon. Keep a look out for Barista Coffees and we will be seeing you soon at our coffee shop. it will be a few weeks before everything is finalized, but we look forward to serving you.

Contact us at baristacoffees@aol.com