Hello, It’s Barista Coffees…

Barista Coffees

Yes, we know. It’s been a while for us at Barista Coffees. We would have been around sooner, but our site was hacked, and luckily, no one lost any info. Our site is now secured and looking better than ever. Not only are we back with a different look, but we are really stoke about the New Year. We can’t wait to introduce more products and show you what we have in store.

What’s really a shame is that we couldn’t be back sooner. Hindsight is 20-20. But, enough about that. What we have today is a rebirth and beginning anew with an awesome site and quality products that we know you enjoy. What we want you to do is take a look around and find the best gourmet coffee and gourmet tea. See what piques your interest. Yea, we know it’s a short post. We get it. Barista Coffees is back and we want you here.

It’s good to be back and we hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and an awesome New Year!!  See you on the other side…

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