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The Best Coffee House in the US

The Best Coffee House in the US

coffee houseThe have the title of “The Best Coffee House in the US”, you must have something to offer the public that is unique and equally wonderful that the public can really accept and be part of. This don’t come naturally, unless you have something magical that they can ascribe to. One thing that gets attention is the ambience and location. Although, we can say that a coffee house is a dime a dozen and using the example of Starbuck’s is one of those that comes to mind. There is something different about one that doesn’t have major corporate backing. Any barista can make coffee, but there is an art to making an establishment enjoyable and rare enough for the public to say that there is something special about it.

One coffee house I know of actually has a wall that everyone can write their names on. They also wanted to have a specific look and details of furniture that people would consider to be eclectic and thoughtful of days gone by. Not to mention, finding a place to relax and ponder what kinds of coffee I wanted and having friends that are just as interesting helps. A coffee house is a social gathering place where it’s not high pressure or loud, but con convey thoughts and ideas, talk about art, good books and enjoy a great coffee. What it really comes down to is the coffee. Your Coffee.

Everyman Espresso is just the place where you can go and not have to be nerdy in order to enjoy an awesome coffee. Sharing love for coffee. Now, something the Everyman Espresso does is provide a coffee that you can enjoy without being grilled about which way you want your coffee done. Just taste and experience. Sounds simple enough. If you decide you want your coffee a specific way, they’ll make it. Although, there is no need. Excellent coffee is what their passion is and the people that go there understand it to be that simple. So, if you want to go somewhere that offers 25 different styles and multiples types of grinds and be challenged with a questionnaire about Freud, then Everyman Espresso might not be your place. For those with a sheer passion for coffee without all the hype, if you’re in New York City, think Everyman Espresso.

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