health benefits of tea

Health Benefits of Tea

Health Benefits of Tea

health benefits of tea

Something that people have known about for a long time is that health benefits of tea is not an imagined thing. In fact, science has done a job by creating studies surrounding and found that there really are health benefits. Long ago, it was thought as something more than just something to warm you up when you were cold. It was used in rituals, used for healing and really became an enjoyable drink that you could find comfort in. Although, tea is not coffee, they do have their similarities and some pretty big differences.

One thing that science has started to really look at is polyphenols and what effects they have on our bodies. There are some studies that say polyphenols such as catechins have been causing a buzz due to their possible anti-cancer effects. What caught the attention of scientists and doctors is the high concentration of catechins in green tea. So, a lot of studies take this into account. Although, even with promise of those anti-cancer properties, even the authority of the Mayo Clinic is carefully stating more study is needed before there can be definitive answers.

What is being presented is being carefully studied in how tea reacts with our overall being when a routine of drinking it has started. So, here are some of the health benefits of tea:

1)  Boost of Regulatory T-Cells.

2)  It takes care of Hydration, even if it caffeinated.

3)  3 or more cups a day has been linked in reducing coronary heart disease.

4)  Could possibly shrink tumors due to a compound in green tea.

5)  Could actually help you to function better in older age.

6)  Lowers your Blood Pressure.

7)  Can help you lose weight, although this is more attributed to Oolong Tea than others.

8)  Also, may help with prevention of prostate cancer.

So, as you can tell, there is incentive to start drinking something the ancients have known about for thousands of years. What we offer at Barista Coffees is black, green, white, flavored and herbal teas. Each one if different and can be a unique and enjoyable experience no matter when you want. Find yours today and see which one becomes your favorite.


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