Basket of Joy Sampler

Basket of Joy Sampler



Product Description

Basket of Joy Sampler

Our Basket of Joy Sampler contains a great variety of our most popular items. We include three 1/2lbs of Basket of Joy Samplergourmet coffee chosen and roasted by our in-house Roastmaster, 1/4lb of loose-leaf tea or tisane, a rum-glazed Tortuga Rum Cake, the famous Ghirardelli hot cocoa, and other select items. We specially wrap each coffee gift basket in a woven picnic box, so it makes a great gift for any occasion. The Basket of Joy Sampler will bring a smile to anyone’s face! With everything contained within the Basket of Joy, you’ll be a crowd pleaser.

Each basket includes:

(3) 1/2 lb bags of Gourmet Coffee (selected by our Roast Master)

(1) Tea Bag Box

(8) 1.5oz Ghirardelli Double Chococolate Hot Cocoa

(2) 1/4 lb bag of Loose-Leaf Tea/Tisane

(1) Tea Ball

(1) Burlap Coffee Bag

(1)4oz Tortuga Rum Cake

(1) Picnic basket

Additional Information

Coffee Grind

Drip Grind, French Press, Whole Bean


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