Cafe Borgia Flavored Coffee




Cafe Borgia Flavored Coffee

Our Cafe Borgia Flavored Coffee is decadent and enjoyable. The name Borgia is associated with a city in southern Italy and also from an infamous Spanish-Cafe Borgia Flavored CoffeeItalian family that dates back to the late 1400’s. Perhaps this is the reason why this Cafe Borgia Coffee recipe entails strong Italian coffee and grated orange peel. Since this family is from Valencia, a region in Spain famous for its exceptional orange trees, this might explain the essence of orange peels that give this coffee its citrus kick. In this intense Italian coffee taste, there is a perfect balance of hot dark chocolate and cool whipped cream flavoring with a splash of citrusy flair to liven up your coffee cup.

Pack a little Italy into your coffee cup and travel the world with your taste buds. Close your eyes and let our Cafe Borgia Flavored Coffee take you there!

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Weight and Price

Decaf 1 lb = 12.95, Decaf 5 lb = 38.95, Reg 1 lb = 12.49, Reg 5 lb = 36.95

Coffee Grind

Drip Grind, French Press, Whole Bean


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