Caramel Pecan Roll Flavored Coffee

Caramel Pecan Roll Flavored Coffee



Product Description

Caramel Pecan Roll Flavored Coffee

Our Caramel Pecan Roll Flavored Coffee is a favorite for those who love caramel and pecans. Have you ever awakened to the smell of freshly baked caramel Caramel Pecan Roll Flavored Coffeepecan rolls? The aroma of cinnamon and toasted brown sugar lifts you from your silent slumber to evoke giddiness, and it will enlighten your senses. As you race into the kitchen, you’ll see a pile of chopped, freshly-roasted pecans nestled on a bed of baked, bubbling cinnamon and brown sugar, and glazed with glossy caramel syrup that oozes over the sides. The taste our Caramel Pecan Roll Coffee has will remind you how good decadence can be.

Conjure up those same effects when brewing a small batch of our finely roasted Caramel Pecan Roll coffee. Take in the intoxicating smells of rustic pecans mixed with creamy caramel. Imagine pecans roasting over the fireplace and feeling the warmth of the coffee cup in your hands. You’ll be able to enjoy this special, Caramel Pecan Roll Flavored Coffee on any day of the week, any time of the year.

This flavored coffee contains nut extract.

Also available in Decaf variety. Be sure to select from the drop down menu when ready to order.

Additional Information

Weight and Price

Decaf 1 lb = 12.95, Decaf 5 lb = 38.95, Reg 1 lb = 12.49, Reg 5 lb = 36.95

Coffee Grind

Drip Grind, French Press, Whole Bean


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