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China Magnolia Oolong Tea

A little about China Magnolia Oolong Tea. Among the most famous of Chinese teas is the Oolong Tea, also known as the black dragon tea; because of its dark, China Magnolia Oolong Tealong, and curly appearance. The Chinese have known for hundreds of years about the medicinal benefits of drinking Oolong tea, during or directly after a meal, it not only aids in digestion but it creates a 10% increase in expended energy. Oolong is a powerful, yet natural anti-oxidant, and burns over 157% more fat than regular Green Tea. Oolong is also known for its ability to naturally and gently assist in lowering blood pressure, inflammation, and improving your immunity. Throughout Chinese history, teas have been revered as gentle, yet powerful natural medicinal concoctions and our China Magnolia Oolong is no exception. Oolong tea being one of the most prized, especially for its weight loss properties; it assists the body by boosting your metabolism with its natural metabolic stimulants.

The Chinese have used it for hundreds of years to lower the intake of fat content from high cholesterol meals. Oolong tea naturally contains Polyphenol, which enhances the function of the many enzymes known for dissolving triglycerides and removing free radicals. Thereby reducing inflammation in the body. It can also benefit you while being enjoyed prior to a brisk walk or before a full on workout. Oolong not only counts as water intake, and will boost your hydration, assist in regulating the Ph of the body, and it also will help you to continue to burn fat for a much longer duration post-workout. Its exceptional flavor along with all its adaptogenic properties, gently assist the body in maintaining good health make China Magnolia Oolong tea the perfect tea. Barista Coffees has gone one step further to ensure your Oolong tea drinking experience is even more pleasurable and helpful by adding Magnolia essence. To guarantee a perfectly scented cup of China Magnolia Oolong tea, we make it a priority to select the highest quality of Magnolia blossoms.

We specifically time the addition of the essence of the magnolia petals to ensure that the scent is noted thru out each tea leaf. Once the Oolong tea is imbued with the magnolia essence, you are not only receiving the amazing benefits of this extraordinary tea, but the added benefit of the magnolia itself. Magnolia extract is rich in the phytochemicals; honokiol and magnolol, which have numerous health benefits. One of the most impressive benefits is their ability to alleviate stress while producing a calming effect. You will find China Magnolia Oolong tea to have a natural, delicate, magnolia scent. When brewed it will not only compliment the Oolong flavor, but together offer extraordinary benefits both in taste and health. The compliment too each other is flawless! Oolong tea is grown in the mountainous landscape of northern Fujian and is the official tea used in the 400 year old ancient Chinese Fujian tea ceremony.

This Tea ceremony exists for the sole purpose of celebrating the tea itself and the art of brewing the tea. Tea drinking in China, is regarded as one of the seven daily necessities. To enjoy China Magnolia Oolong tea to its fullest, make sure to steep loose leaves at the second boil, when 8mm bubbles, the Chinese call “fish eyes”, are slowly rising to the water surface, pour a small amount over 1 teaspoon of leaves and rinse. Then pour 8 ounces of water over the tea and steep for 3-5 minutes. This is a delicate leaf, which will brew best with a slightly longer steep time, with low boiled water allowing the flavor to slowly release. Hundreds of years of ancient Chinese history, and ceremony have gone into making China Magnolia Oolong tea an exceptional way to better your health while enjoying your very own daily tea ceremony. This gourmet green tea is in loose leaf form and will ship with a free tea ball infuser. Limit one free infuser per order.

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