gourmet tea sampler

Gourmet Tea Sampler



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Gourmet Tea Sampler

Our Gourmet Tea Sampler makes a fantastic gift; give it to someone during the holidays, for birthdays, or even as gourmet tea samplera get-well gift. This selection of tea is enjoyable any time of the year. We include eight, 2oz samplings of completely different teas and tisanes to provide you with a wide-range of flavor.

Each Gourmet Tea Sampler contains:

Blue Eyes Tisane

Darjeeling Tea

Angel Falls Mist Tisane

Formosa Oolong Tea

Japanese Green Sencha

African Rooibos

Russian Caravan Blended Tea

China Black FOP Tea

1 Teaball infuser

All items wrapped into a 12x9x3 Gift Box


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