Japan Decaf Green Sencha Tea

Japan Decaf Green Sencha Tea



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Japan Decaf Green Sencha Tea

Some background of Japan Decaf Green Sencha Tea. Japanese Sencha is grown in the Zhejiang Province located in the West Lake Region of China. As the Japan Decaf Green Sencha Tealeading producer of tea, Zhejiang is well-known for producing teas such as Gunpowder, Mei Longjing, and green leaf-scented Jasmine. The base for all of these teas is a China Green “Sencha-style” leaf.

You will note that this Japanese-style Sencha is tightly rolled into needle-shaped leaves. This traditional Japanese green tea is decaffeinated using a C02 process that does not detract from the tea’s health benefits, the perfect balance of sweetness and astringency, and a clean finish.

Like most Japanese tea, the flavor is reminiscent of seaweed, or a grassy flavor because of its vegetal notes. This loose-leaf tea should steep at 170 degrees for 1-2 minutes using 1 teaspoon of tea for every 6oz of water. From there, you may adjust the amounts of Japanese Sencha tea according to your taste.

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.5 lb = 12.95, 2 lb = 34.95


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