Tazo Organic Chai Tea




Tazo Organic Chai Tea

Tazo Organic Chai Tea is a perfect aggregate of dark, Indian black teas and exotic spices. Tazo’s organic model is Tazo Organic Chai Teaa true Marala Chai within the model of the chai wallahs of India, the usage of sustainably-grown black teas from the Assam Valley in India. Tazo organic Chai Tea has a spiciness you won’t in finding anyplace else.

Spicy, peppery, full-bodied, and infused with the warmth of cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and a smidgen of sweetness there is nothing else love it.

in any case, it is moderately possibly the purest form of Chai in the world. Tazo organic Chai Tea tastes out of this world all by itself, however feel free to combine it with milk, soy, or other dairy exchange for a delicious, milky scorching tea or throw it over some ice for a clean chilly beverage.

Tazo is brewed for the enchantment for all 5 senses sight, sound, smell, style, and contact; the whole lot considered, and nothing left to likelihood.

Tazo means “river of life” in the Romany Gypsy language and it was used to toast life by the ancient Greeks. In the Hindi dialect, Tazo can also mean fresh. No matter the language, we all recognize that Tazo Organic Chai is an intriguing tea, in the modern day world. Are you ready to reinvent your tea experience? We are ready to help you!


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