Frappe and Latte Mix

Normally, making perfectly flavored iced coffees and beverages would be an extensive process – but not with these frappe and powder mixes! These mixes guarantee you can make the perfect blend of iced coffee every time, without the hassle!

From Iced Espresso to Hot Cocoa Powder, these frappe mixes are designed with everyone in mind! Because our frappe and powder mixes are meticulously crafted by top brands like Ghirardelli, Big Train, Mocafe and more, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be mixing a delicious iced beverage that was crafted by the best of the best!

Perfect for your very own coffee shop business, these frappe mixes are just what you need to serve the best frappes, cocoas, or iced beverages in town! On the other hand, these mixes are perfect for bringing the delightfulness of gourmet coffee to your very own kitchen – no barista needed!

Whether your taste calls for a classic flavor like Vanilla Latte or a unique one like Divinity Spiced Chai, we’re sure you’ll find something to fit your fancy. Try frappe and powder mixes from Barista Coffees for yourself today!

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